Te Hani's

Before coming to Patience Community Services, I was lost in life and was not happy with my past job. I've gone through family problems that made me unhappy in general so I was constantly isolating myself and became quite anti-social. My life didn't have great structure and I didn't know what I wanted to do career wise.

Since coming to Patience Community Services I feel so welcomed by happy, smiling faces. Being surrounded by positive energy has helped me come out of my shell and feel very comfortable even though I am usually a shy person. I've joined the jewellery making team, which I'm thrilled about, because it's very enjoyable and relaxing, and it's made me get in touch with my creative side. While making jewellery I've met so many different people and made a lot of new friends.

After 2 months working with the jewellery group, I've been made a team leader of the jewellery making department. I feel so very happy because I've accomplished something that makes me feel quite proud of myself. Considering what I've been through, working at Patience Community Services has helped me so very much with my self-esteem, my social skills and my motivation to be better in life.