" Since beginning work at PCS,
I had found the experience
to quite rewarding. "

" I always had enthusiasm
for programming and
the world of computers "

" PCS team members were so
approachable and helpful"

" After joining Patience Community
Services, I found myself
in a safe, positive."

" woolen clothes for
myself and my children,
and provided some basic utilities"

" learn how to create my
own resume and apply
for jobs over the internet."

"PCS were able
to find me
a place to live."

"I can’t thank them
enough for all the
support and kindness."

"PCS helped me
different organisations"

"I love the warm
and welcoming
environment here."

"It was actually a
good way to give my
creativity a go."

"I've met so many
different people and made
a lot of new friends."

"I’ve found the people at
Patience Community Services
to be very helpful."

"Help Homelessness
to find accommodation at
Patience Community Services."

"Anyone that would like
to improve their skills."