Patience CS and the NDIS

We are excited to announce that Patience Community Service Inc. has chosen to partner and work alongside with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) to provide valuable support systems for people who qualify for the NDIS scheme!

What is NDIS?

Do you have a problem or a need that is not listed here? The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a new Australian healthcare program that aims to provide support systems for individuals with a significant/permanent disability or impairment as well as for their families and carers. For more information, visit their website at NDIS

This is fantastic news for our young organization as it will bring a new way of delivering valuable support services for people coping with various lifelong significant or permanent disabilities and impairments.

We absolutely cannot wait to further contribute to this positive change on people’s lives. If you are suffering from a disability, it is our mission and passion to assist you with our professional tailored services.

Why choose Patience CS?

Having proudly assisted numerous individuals and families with a wide arrange of support services since our beginning in 2015, Patience Community Service Inc. (Patience CS)has always maintained its original mission – to empower disadvantaged persons of all life circumstances.
We at Patience (CS) will ensure that you do not work alone; we want to ensure that we will work alongside you and provide you with the valuable supports you need! We do not want your disability to control or hinder your life! We will strive to provide expert advice and high quality services that are right for you!

How much do these services cost?

The official NDIS website will provide you with a price list detailing each service cost. These costs are set by the NDIS and will always remain the same regardless of what service provider you choose. Prices may vary and change each year.

For more information on price costs for each service, please visit the NDIS website at Pricing and payment

What we provide

Housing and Accommodation

Are you disabled and need better mobility in your own home? Patience CS is here to help!One of our goals is to ensure that you are provided with accessibility to your daily household living regardless of your disability, and our professional staff members of both social workers and volunteers are here to assist you with all your housing and accommodation needs.Whether it be installing specialized supports in areas of your household or providing a specialized lift, Patience CS will have you covered!

Assistance with Travel & Transport Arrangements

Patience Community services understands the difficulties a person with a disability may face when it comes to arranging one’s own travel and transport, especially when it comes to public transport.As part of our dedicated services, we at Patience CS strongly strive to provide disabled persons with their accessibility to transport arrangements that will increase their abilities and opportunities to actively participate in their community! We believe that your disability should not impact on your transport needs! Allow us to assist you with your transport arrangements to ensure the efficiency of your travel needs!

Household Tasks

Patience Community services understands the difficulties that individuals may face living with a disability, especially if an individual may be living alone. As part of our goals, we at Patience CS want to ensure support of your daily household tasks! If you are struggling to meet with your daily housing needs such as groceries or general housing maintenance due to the hindrance of your disability, we at Patience CS will support you with your household tasks! We want to make your life easier and make sure your home is maintained, and our professional staff and carers will ensure you have access to your daily needs!

Innovative Community Participation

Patience Community services values the importance of community participation for individuals, and our services wishes to ensure that no one is left out in their community. We want to make sure that you have accessibility to mainstream services and that you are involved with community activities and events. We at Patience CS will provide you with our professional staff of carers and social workers who will strive to strengthen your access to employment, education, income and overall life satisfaction!

Specialized Driver Training

If you have a disability but want to maintain your own mode of independent travel and transport, we at Patience CS will help you make this happen. We want to make sure that you have control over your own mode of transport without your disability stopping you! One of our services will include assisting disabled persons with specialized driver training, where we provide expert driving instructors to ensure that you have access to your own mode of independent travel! Patience CS provides specialized adapted equipment and vehicle modification to ensure that you have a safe and independent experience of driving!

Community Nursing Care

As part of our services, your health and care is very important to us, and we want to ensure that you have access to top quality and professional care you need to maintain your healthy and active lifestyle. We at Patience CS strongly believe that your disability should not hinder your opportunity to maintain your health and wellbeing, and we want to make sure that you are provided with the necessary supports that can help you to achieve top quality health and nursing care. We will provide you with access to our professional and highly trained healthcare practitioners to ensure your support for your healthy lifestyle.

Assistive Products for Household Tasks

Apart from assistance with regular household tasks, we at Patience CS will also offer assistive devices and products for household tasks to ensure your own independence in your own home. We at Patience CS will happy provide you with assistance to provisions of disability assistance such as hearing aids, walking canes, wheelchairs and even prosthesis – basically any assistive disability devices that will make your life easily liveable and achieve your own level of independence!

Interpreting and Translation

As part of our regular English literacy and cultural awareness programs, we at Patience CS have extended our services to provide disabled persons with the opportunity to maintain easy access to both social and community activities, especially for disabled persons who may not have English as a second language. We at Patience CS want to ensure all disabled persons across different backgrounds, regardless of language barriers, will be supported with equal opportunity. Language and culture is no barrier to us – if you have a disability, it is our sworn duty to guide you with your supports.

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