Before coming to Patience Community Services I wasn’t very artistic and my creative side was a bit limited, because most of the jobs I worked in did not involve the same amount of creativity that PCS provides for its volunteers. I always worked in hands on jobs that did not give me many unique or different skills, but after I joined Patience Community Services this changed. I explored many unique and enthusiastic up-skilling opportunities that taught me more about myself and my abilities.

When I came to PCS I was allocated to join the Jewellery Making team. This was a little awkward for me at the beginning, but once I got into the craft I found that it was actually a good way to expand my creativity. There were so many possibilities when it came to designs. I learned how to make proper jewellery such as bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and even rings. It was a great way to allow my creativity to run wild. There are plenty of people who encourage me in my work but are honest in giving me advice on ways that I can improve my work.

I have come to enjoy my time with my fellow peers at PCS and consider them like family. The jewellery section has become a very social place. I have seen people at PCS who were closed up at first, and later completely improved their communication skills and became much more open and confident. I have learned many things from my volunteer work at PCS and I think there is still a lot more for me to gain and learn with the great people that work with me at PCS.