I completed my Diploma in Makeup Artistry, and while in the process of looking for work I came across Patience Community Services. I decided to join PCS by volunteering in the Jewellery Making service group. I love the warm and welcoming environment here; everyone is friendly and great to chat with. Our Jewellery Making team are able to create unique designs that will be sold in our little store here at Patience Community and it's fantastic knowing our efforts are going towards people in need in the community.

It's a nice, relaxed and comfortable environment; I drink coffee and chat with everyone while creating colour schemes for my designs. There's no pressure to produce our designs quickly, so we are able to ensure quality and have fun while creating and crafting the jewellery. Joining Patience Community has also helped me succeed in fixing my sleeping patterns. I have previously been going to bed at around 2:00 AM. Now I go to sleep at around 10:00 PM, which gives me time and energy for much better productivity throughout my day. This is a great step towards achieving my career goals, which has made me feel brilliant about myself.

In the future I plan to initiate my own makeup business. Being in a business environment where everyone is working on different things towards a similar goal has given me some great perspective on how teams work and how to create business plans and move ideas forward. Designing jewellery challenges me to stay artistic and enhances my creative thinking skills.