“Before I commencing at patience community services I started to lose faith within myself thinking I was never going to be employable and given the chance to show my skills and learn new ones, I have applied for many jobs and have not been successful so far. Since I have started at patience community centre in Epping I have learned many skills to help me, I have learned many new skills for eg: word and excel on the computer where I have helped design new flyers and brochures for the centre. . I have regained my confidence back and my faith, my communication skills have become stronger and I have been able to learn to multitask different projects that are given to me.

The people here have been very welcoming and warm towards me from the first day they are very friendly and they treat everyone equal, I have meet many new people and new friends, they are very helpful and want to help in many ways to help me find a job.

I look forward to the days I come to the centre and I highly recommend the centre to anyone that would like to improve their skills.”